The Boutique

Alfredo Barraza Boutique is a chic, elegant and unique clothing and accessory store that is showing the world our latest fashion with our own vintage and couture lines. Our boutique store will design, create, and sell our own unique clothing, as well as other authentic lines from Colombia and other countries.

Our Founders

The founders of the company are Alfedo Barraza and his niece, Ana Tyson. Also known as the "The King of Queens" was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. He started his fashion beginnings in the National Colombian beauty pageant in 1980 and became one of the biggest designers in Colombia for his unique way of designing custom dresses for gala and special occasions. Alfredo Barraza’s name is renowned in Latin America and especially in Colombia for his exclusive dresses. Alfredo gained even more fame over the past decades by designing several Miss Universe dresses for several countries that include Colombia, Philippines, and Canada.

While Alfredo is the designer behind all the scenes, he never had any interest in the business side or growing his brand to the next level. Alfredo would rather stay out of the spotlight as much as possible and let his designs speak for themselves.

This is where Ana comes in, she is all about clothing and loves “The Scene”. She loves to be in the spotlight and loves the industry events like runway shows and galas. Ana was born in Colombia and spent her first 17 years there and then moved to Miami/ Fort Lauderdale area, how long she has been here is unknown as no one knows her age, not even her husband. She then met her future husband and decided to move to Jupiter with him and the rest is history.

Ana has since opened several companies and helped her husband grow his already successful construction company, Greenview Construction. Ana owned and operated a T-Mobile franchise for several years. Now Ana has channeled her focus to her passion, which is clothing.

The two decided to bring his designs from Colombia to Jupiter and add a little Jupiter flare to it. The store has authentic Colombian made mochilas, fedoras, pareos to fun Jupiter sun dresses and resort wear.